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About Walter Stroebel

With a career in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) since April 1984 (that's ), I have navigated and contributed to the evolution of the digital landscape. My journey has taken me through the intricacies of CP/M, MP/M, DOS, and the entire spectrum of Windows from its inception at version 1.0 to the latest Windows 11. My expertise extends to various Linux distributions, from the early days of SlackWare to the contemporary robustness of RHEL9. Beyond operating systems, my proficiency encompasses major cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, reflecting a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and innovations in the ICT domain.

Jllama Project

I'm the creator of the Jllama Project, a pivotal initiative designed to streamline the deployment of local Large Language Models (LLMs) on consumer-grade hardware, drawing inspiration from the Ollama project. This endeavor reflects my dedication to enhancing the reach and usability of AI technologies, democratizing the power of LLMs by making them accessible without the need for specialized infrastructure. The Jllama Project is open-source, hosted on GitHub for those interested in contributing to or leveraging this cutting-edge approach.

Explore the project: Jllama on GitHub

I have just published a comprehensive digital publication that delves into the intricacies of working with LLMs. This resource aims to equip readers with the knowledge and skills necessary for harnessing the capabilities of LLMs efficiently and effectively, both for those new to the field and more experienced users alike.

You can find the book at this link on Amazon.

About InfComTec

InfComTec, short for Information Communication & Technology, is my sole proprietorship (ZZP) based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Established and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), InfComTec specializes in the procurement, sale, installation, and maintenance of computers, computer systems, and telephony systems connected to computers. Additionally, I provide consultation and expert advice in these areas.

Legal Details:
Trade Name: InfComTec
KvK Number: 27304499
Main Office: Please check kvk.nl
Establishment Number: 000012635227

Tl;DR Assistant

The Tl;DR Assistant GPT is an innovative tool designed to distill lengthy documents such as CVs, research papers, and extensive change notes into concise, essential summaries. This AI-driven assistant is particularly useful for extracting key points, making complex information more accessible and time-efficient to understand.

Try it out: Tl;DR Assistant

Java Swing Sage

Java Swing Sage is a specialized GPT with an extensive corpus of Java/Swing knowledge, including tips, tricks, and best practices. It serves as a valuable resource for both novice and experienced programmers in the Java Swing domain, offering insights and guidance for developing and refining Java Swing applications.

Try it out: Java Swing Sage

Skeptic Debate

Skeptic Debate employs the classic debate format to explore subjects from dual perspectives: pro and con. This model engages in self-debate, ultimately delivering a balanced judgement. It aims to maximize the utilization of the latent space in the foundation model, providing a comprehensive understanding of various topics.

Try it out: Skeptic Debate

Mix of Experts

Mix of Experts is a unique GPT model that evaluates topics from the viewpoints of five distinct experts, reconciling their insights into a unified outcome. This approach is designed to extract the maximum possible information from the foundation model, offering diverse and in-depth perspectives on any given subject.

Try it out: Mix of Experts

Sequential Manipulation

Unveiling the Power of the Kuleshov Effect.

Dive into the world of media perception with Sequential Manipulation, a specialized GPT designed to illuminate the Kuleshov effect in texts and media. This GPT is your guide to understanding how the sequential arrangement of content can subtly manipulate emotions and perceptions. Whether it's a news article, a film sequence, or any form of media, Sequential Manipulation critically evaluates the structure, spots inconsistencies, and uncovers underlying biases and exaggerations.

Try it out: Sequential manipulation

Enhanced by ChatGPT-4

The content and design of this page have been enhanced by ChatGPT-4™ from OpenAI. This advanced AI has provided valuable assistance in structuring, coding, and optimizing the web content to ensure a high-quality online presence. The collaboration with this cutting-edge technology showcases a blend of decades-long ICT expertise and the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

As a senior developer and security expert, I appreciate the capabilities of AI tools like ChatGPT-4™ in streamlining complex tasks, enhancing creative processes, and offering insightful solutions. Their integration into my work reflects my commitment to leveraging the best and most innovative technologies in the industry.

A Blend of New and Old School

The creation of this site is a blend of cutting-edge AI assistance and tried-and-true methods. My interaction with ChatGPT-4™ involves a conversational exchange where I extract necessary bits and pieces for the site's development. Following the AI collaboration, I directly edit the files on the web server. This is done via SSH, using 'vi' as the editor, under the non-privileged user account that owns the site. In a world constantly chasing the latest trends, sometimes the old school approach, characterized by its simplicity and directness, proves to be the most reliable and efficient.